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Weight Loss » Lipo Light + DOUBLE Fat Burner Shots

The Lipo-Light system is a non-invasive procedure consisting of a machine containing plates with infra-red lighting which attacks and melts fat cells of the patient's area of choice, this is followed by two rounds of ten minutes on a vibrating platform meant to improve circulation and stimulation of fat and toxin removal. This is an advanced slimming and toning procedure which is the latest in treatment for non-invasive body sculpting and contouring.

It is highly recommended for Lipo-Light patient to not eat at least an hour prior to the treatment session, patients must come in comfortable workout clothing (no jeans) and bring a water bottle as it is beneficial to drink water throughout the session to stimulate toxin removal in the urine (the vibrating therapy part of the session causes the patient to want to go to the bathroom).

The fat burning injections will be administered in our office. Combine the effects of these fat-melting treatments!

Number of Sessions (1 Hour Required) (must choose 1)