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Weight Loss » Phase 1: 30-Day Weight Loss Program


This program begins with a detailed body composition test to fully understand the state of your body fat, muscle and water.

You and your Nutritionist will use this data, your goals and food preferences to develop a detailed 30-day weight loss program.

Meet with your nutritionalist on a weekly basis to touch-base on progress and receive a weekly double B12 injection. These injections increase metabolism and give an energy boost.

This program includes a one month customized diet plan, our S4 Supplement kit ($95 value) with a 30-day supply of key weight loss supplements, three patient specific supplement bottles (over $100 value), one month worth of Nutritional Shakes (over $80 value) and 4 Double B12 shots ($32 value), and two Body Composition analyzes ($50 dollar value) to monitor not only weight loss, but specifically where the lost weight came from

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